6 Ways to Use Your Social Media Networks to Broadcast Company Culture

Which came first, your company or its culture? If you are running a growing small business, it’s clear that company culture is an important part of your objectives, albeit one that gets put on the back burner often. But you are proud of what your company is becoming and the culture that’s emerging out of that. Your social media is a great way to express that company culture and nurture it—or, if you’re not careful, destroy it.

Today we are going to offer ways to enhance your culture on social media, both for those looking in and the ones on the inside.

Why Is Social Media Important to Company Culture?

Well, first it’s in the name. It’s the media and communications that allows you to be social and to express how you and your team socializes. Social media is definitely your public voice and what you put out there is representative of your entire brand. By taking advantage of your social media channels, making sure you portray the right corporate culture, and boasting a sense of team spirit, you can recruit and retain the right people.

So how do you betray that culture through your social media networks?

Have a social media policy—and allow anyone to participate in the creation of it! Policies are usually generated by human resources and don’t typically involve the actual human resources who have to adhere to them. Invite any interested employees to get involved in the building of your social media strategy and guidelines. Especially try to enlist the help of your customer reps since what gets said will inevitably involve customer queries. By crowdsourcing those involved in setting policies, especially those that affect company culture, more people will remember and work to stick to them.

Empower employees to share on your behalf. First blocking social media at the office is an arcane practice that shows you don’t trust your employees. Instead, acknowledge that they will be using it and trust them to use it in the right way. In fact, leverage your internal social networks to enable a culture of gratitude and transparency. And then make sure your employees are aware of the company’s moments of pride and are encouraged to share them on their own.

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