The C-Suite's Next Mandate: Social Media Literacy

Social media literacy is a new breed of literacy altogether. It expands beyond understanding social platforms to making the digital landscape an inherent part of your professional repertoire. As a skill set, social media literacy can be divided into two areas — personal and organizational.

In the personal sense, social media literacy translates to being a content creator, curator, and connector. These three C’s are the pillars of a digital personality.

Content creation is critical because it contributes volume and substance to the many incredible digital platforms we have the privilege of accessing. It stimulates dialogue, debate, and creative exchange. To establish any level of thought leadership, content is crucial. The medium, however, is up to the creator. For example, there may be a CEO who finds blogging tedious and difficult and turns her attention, instead, to fully leveraging Twitter and maintaining a stream of short-form commentary, or creating a visual diary of career milestones via Instagram, or using LinkedIn to network with other professionals in her industry.

Regardless of the medium, the content should be an extension of the executive’s brand values. Whether it’s activism or leadership, technology or finance, social media is the perfect place to become known for a particular passion or expertise. An executive can even have an assistant transcribe their recorded thoughts, but the bottom line is: they must produce meaningful intellectual property.

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