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How do you show your best business face to a fast-paced world?


Build Your Personal Brand.

Are You Using Social Media Strategically to Build Your Personal Brand and Advance Your Business Goals?

For everyone from average employees to sales forces to Fortune 500 execs, social media has become the forum to make your first impression, nurture your reputation, and seize your opportunities.

Let Social Assurity help you harness today’s social platforms for tomorrow’s business success.

•To display the type of thinking that enhances your standing and exemplifies expertise

•To sway the clients who can sustain and grow your business

•To navigate the grey areas where the professional blends with the personal

•To minimize potential risks and maximize business benefits


It’s a remarkable shift from corporate practice years ago. 
To neglect a healthy online presence means increasingly to take a career risk.

Thought Leadership

How do you ensure your online presence displays keen presence of mind?


Establish Your Digital Authority.

Use a Blog to Share Your Insights & Expertise, Position Yourself as an Authority

Top business leaders are the human face of their companies – and they’re everyday folks with friends on Facebook. 
When the private and public are blurred, executive self-expression can be a tightrope walk. Execs may be tempted to retreat from social media – yet it’s so prevalent, and so expected, that they ignore it at their peril.
Social Assurity’s concierge services can help. We consult with executives to keep all your social media expressions aligned with business needs, yet alive with your own voice and personality. And we craft strategies that attract new audiences and opportunities to your vision and leadership.


of Fortune 500 CEOs have zero social media presence, reports


of Americans say senior business leaders should have public-facing social media accounts, says a Harris poll.

And A 2015 Weber Shandwick study found that CEOs who engage on social media are seen as good communicators, and are among the most well-regarded.

Networking for Business Growth

How do you socialize online to enhance your bottom line?


Inspire Digital Leadership

The Effective Use of Social Media is a Learned Skill.

Social media has become a place where you’re just as likely to boost your revenue as your reputation. Potential clients often turn to it first – to take the temperature of an industry, follow trends in business thinking, and prospect for partners.

Managers and sales forces need to use it wisely to achieve worthwhile results. A bit of education goes a long way in helping individuals highlight their company’s strengths, achievements and accolades to a larger audience – in a way that makes phones ring and profits rise.



That’s the increase since 2013 in employee social advocacy programs, which encourage staff to share updates about their business on their own social media accounts.

Reputation Management

How do you prevent social media from becoming a risky business?


Empower & Engage 

The Social Media Activities of Your Employees Will Define Your Business Brand to Their World!

The off-the-cuff nature of social media chat can bring a refreshing friendliness to business communication. But it can also be a minefield for anyone whose job is to safeguard a company’s hard-won reputation.

The news abounds almost daily with embarrassing (and expensive) gaffes, where seemingly innocent posts from employees and leadership go instantly viral – and painfully sideways.

Training your organization to meet communication standards – without needlessly censoring self-expression – is one of the wisest investments a business can make.



That’s the average cost a publicly traded company loses from one social media slip-up that goes viral. Here’s the breakdown:

- Direct financial costs ($641K)

- Reputation damage ($638K)

- Lost revenue ($619K)

- Loss in stock price ($1M)

- Litigation costs ($650K)


Company & Community

How do you and your colleagues speak in one clear voice?


Unify Your Message

Leverage Social Media to Lead in Today’s Interconnected World!

In the hyper-connected world, no businessman is an island. Everyone worker converses in a growing network of contexts. And the conversation expands infinitely within the 24/7 buzz of social media.

Shouldn’t you be educating your workforce to use social media to share a company’s mission, vision and values in a cohesive way?

The results have intrinsic business value: An empowered workforce, confident in its message and proud to display it (even in casual Facebook conversations), is essentially an investment in free advertising and public relations. 



According to Pew Research, that’s the portion of employees who simply ignore their companies’ social media policies, using Facebook, Twitter and similar services as they wish.

 But should companies be worried?

 - 71% say it helps them to stay in touch with others in their field

- 56% say it's good for connecting with experts

- 51% say it helps them get to know their co-workers

- 46% say it is useful for finding job-related information 

Social Assurity @ Work

It all starts with a conversation.
Let’s talk.


We tailor our services to your business needs.

The people of Social Assurity @ Work are business consultants who create solutions unique to your company, whatever your size or industry. We start by listening, gauging your company’s history, culture and desired outcomes to facilitate a customized solution for you. 

See the opportunity. And seize it.

Once you see social media as we see it– as a business opportunity – we can brainstorm together to create anything you need, crafting concierge services for execs, social recruitment and compliance programs for HR and risk management, or widespread training for a sales force, department, or staff. Services include:

· Certification· Compliance· Concierge Services· eCourses· Employee benefits 

• HR Consulting· Management/Executive Training·Social Media Recruitment· Outplacement Services 

• Risk Management• Salesforce strategy· Social Media Policies & Protocols 

· Symposiums· Webinars· Workshops

Social media is the arena for 21st century business.

· Develop clientele   · Communicate company vision· Gain competitive advantage
· Recruit, engage, develop, and retain employees· Manage risk· Showcase thought leadership

· Show expertise· Stay on top of trends